Tom and Vonesili Wedding #1

So 1 month before, I receive a phone call from Tom in Laos. The conversation is too inform that wedding plans are in motion for Vonesili and himself, “congratulations, when?” I ask. “In just under a month” Tom reply’s. I shake my head. Sigh in disappointment. I explain the impossibility of flying from Melbourne to Vientiane for his wedding. Tom leaves me with the final words, “Baino, we don’t have a photographer for the wedding, make sure you bring your camera over to take the shots.”

2 weeks pass.

Still frustrated at missing a great friends big day, I decided to tempt myself by checking flight prices. Specials on sale right then to Bangkok, 30 minutes to book. It seemed like it was meant to be. 30 minutes later, a few phone calls, and flights were booked for 6 friends to depart to Bangkok. A night at the wonderful Atlanta hotel, then onto Laos.

Soon we were being picked up in a mini bus on 40+ degree day, sweat raining down, suits wallpapered to your body, in what became the first of two wedding celebrations for Tom and Vonesili.

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